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Amber Pearson 

Learn and grow from what you’ve already done in life, take risks and make a better future for YOU!

Amber is a valued member of our rapidly expanding Plumbing & Heating team, having joined us as a Delivery Consultant in our Metering & EV team in April 2023. Her exceptional knowledge of the industry makes her a reliable source of advice for both candidates and colleagues, offering valuable insights and support. Since joining Rubix, Amber has infused the team with positive energy and has excelled in her role, making significant strides in just a few months.

In her previous role as an Internal Vetting Recruiter, Amber gained a different perspective on the recruitment process. She carried forward the skills acquired from that experience and seamlessly applied them to her current position at Rubix. Amber’s excellent communication and listening skills make her a readily available support system for her candidates whenever they need it.

As a consultant, Amber prioritises honesty and strives to create a strong bond with her candidates, fostering an environment where they feel comfortable openly expressing their opinions and feelings. By understanding the needs of both her candidates and clients, Amber ensures she can place individuals where they can work to their full potential. She finds immense satisfaction in knowing that her role positively impacts people’s lives, and she is committed to providing all her candidates with the best opportunities to bring about positive change.

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