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Ben Cox

Pressure makes diamonds, diamonds make money.

Ben joined Rubix in June 2023 as a Delivery Consultant in our Electrical & Solar team, then made the switch to our Plumbing & Heating team in October 2023. Before joining Rubix, he had a background in recruitment in which he aided NHS and private companies. Seeking a change of pace and environment, Ben decided to make the leap to our fast-paced team of consultants. 

One of Ben’s standout skills is his friendly and personable approach, making him easy to talk to for his candidates. He is dedicated to finding the best opportunities for each individual and has rapidly gained industry knowledge in his role. Throughout the entire process, Ben ensures clear and consistent communication with his candidates, striving to keep them happy and informed. 

In the team, Ben’s energy is unmatched, and he has fostered strong working relationships with both candidates and his colleagues in the Rubix office. When it comes to placing candidates, he prioritises their preferences and requirements above all else, going the extra mile to meet and exceed their expectations. If you’re looking for exciting job opportunities, reach out to Ben today to discover potential positions which are perfectly suited for you. 

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