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Kinga Sznajder

Chase dreams, not regrets.

Meet Kinga, a Delivery Consultant specialising in our Plumbing & Heating team who has been a part of the Rubix family since November 2023. With a background in café management and customer service, Kinga seamlessly transitioned into recruitment at Rubix, leveraging her strong people skills and friendly approach.

In her current role, Kinga excels with her excellent people skills, maintaining a consistently friendly and approachable demeanor. She thrives on challenges, demonstrating resilience and organisation. Not afraid to push individuals out of their comfort zones, Kinga encourages them to explore new opportunities, even if initially hesitant.

To candidates, Kinga offers more than just professional guidance. Her support extends beyond regular working hours, providing a personalised and attentive approach. In her commitment to facilitating the best fit, Kinga ensures candidates receive the support they need to navigate their career paths successfully.

Outside of her day to day at Rubix, Kinga is multilingual and can speak fluent Polish!

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