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Linden Rickaby 

Progression not perfection. 

Linden joined Rubix in April 2023 as a part time Office Administrator while completing his college studies and has since transitioned into a full-time role. Linden’s initial motivation to join Rubix was driven by his desire to gain valuable experience in both the recruitment industry and further his administrative skills. He was eager to expand his proficiency in commonly used programs such as Word, Excel, and various CRM systems involved in the recruitment process. 

On a day-to-day basis, Linden actively supports the team by assisting with general administrative tasks. He collaborates closely with recruiters to create shortlists for job vacancies, manages and reviews CVs, and ensures a smooth workflow throughout this process. 

Linden’s commitment and resilience are evident in his approach to his responsibilities. Moreover, he brings a kind and respectful demeanour to the office, fostering a positive work environment. Linden is always ready for his next job and consistently demonstrates his eagerness for personal and professional growth. 

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