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Megan Kinvig

Your only competition is your potential.

Since December 2022, Megan has been a valued member of the Rubix team, serving as a Delivery Consultant in our Office Support team and now has transitioned to be a part of our Smart Metering & Building Services. Despite her background in welfare rather than recruitment, Megan quickly found her footing in her new role and established meaningful connections with candidates.

Megan is known for her hardworking nature, empathetic approach, and her ability to lend a listening ear to anyone she meets. She thrives on placing candidates in new opportunities and handles any challenges with ease.

One of Megan’s greatest strengths is her willingness to engage in friendly conversations and share her extensive knowledge. She supports candidates throughout the entire process, ensuring they have the guidance they need. Megan’s wealth of expertise serves as a valuable resource for candidates, helping them navigate their job search successfully. 

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