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Neve Pryke 

Hard work beats talent every time. 

Neve is a dedicated Delivery Manager in charge of our Plumbing, Heating & Smart Metering team and has been an integral part of Rubix since January 2020. Despite having no prior experience in recruitment, Neve quickly made her mark after transitioning from the motor insurance industry. Over the years, she has played a crucial role in the growth of the Rubix team. 

Neve possesses exceptional communication skills, allowing her to effectively connect with both her fellow team members and candidates. She is committed to prioritising the needs of her candidates, ensuring she finds them a role that aligns with their requirements as well as the client’s needs, rather than solely focusing on Rubix’s interests. Neve’s dedication extends beyond the placement itself, as she ensures the happiness and satisfaction of candidates even after they have been successfully placed. Throughout the entire process, from initial screening to post-placement, Neve remains a reliable source of support. 

One of Neve’s notable qualities is her open communication style and attentive listening skills. She values the importance of actively understanding and considering any valuable information candidates share, ensuring their preferences and aspirations are considered at every step. With Neve’s guidance, you can trust that she will diligently work to find the perfect role for you, whilst maintaining open and transparent communication throughout the process. 

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