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When you join Rubix M&E, it is more than just a job; it’s a delightful journey within a close-knit family that thrives on dedication, teamwork, and a shared vision to propel Rubix to greater heights within the industry. In this article, we will share the teams’ positive experiences and their unique view of what its like to work at Rubix M&E, where the work ethic, team spirit, and commitment to excellence are second to none.


A Collective Work Ethic: What immediately strikes anyone who becomes a part of the Rubix family is the unwavering work ethic that permeates every corner of the organisation. As one team member aptly puts it, “We’re all focused on one thing, and that is to progress Rubix in the industry.” The dedication to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations is not just a company value; it’s a way of life at Rubix.


The Spirit of Togetherness: Working at Rubix M&E is like being a part of a tightly-knit family. “The team spirit and motivation here are unmatched”, creating an environment where you wouldn’t find a dull, boring day. “We win as a team, and we fall as a team,” expresses the sentiment that unites us all. Regular company events also mean we can spend time growing key bonds outside of the office. It’s this sense of togetherness and the commitment to each other’s success that makes every day at Rubix exciting and fulfilling.


The Initial Drive: “What initially drew many of us to Rubix was the passionate and forward-thinking team. We could see that Rubix was destined for great things, and we wanted to be a part of this successful, growing organization.” The vision and aspirations of Rubix’s leadership are crystal clear from the start. Milo’s burning desire to be the best and never settle for second place resonated with all of us and made accepting the offer a natural choice.


Ongoing Support and Opportunity: “What we all like most about working at Rubix is the incredible opportunity on offer and the unparalleled support provided to everyone in the business.” This support system isn’t just a professional necessity; it’s a testament to the care and commitment the Rubix family has for its members. We believe in helping each other realise our potential and collectively strive for success.


The Journey of Growth: “I had my first interview, and I was honestly overwhelmed with how welcoming the office was.” The atmosphere at Rubix is fantastic, and the enthusiasm for what we do is contagious. Each day, you step into the office, not just with confidence but with a deep sense of purpose. Everyone plays an integral part in contributing to something bigger – the growth of Rubix.


Teamwork is Key: We come to work each day, knowing that we’re surrounded by great people who support and challenge us. The opportunity for personal and professional growth is boundless. It’s this growth that continues to motivate us and create a strong sense of job satisfaction.


A Bright Future with Rubix M&E: “I applied to work for Rubix because I wanted a change in career. I have since excelled in the business and can see a long career here”. We all share the sentiment of wanting to build successful careers while making a positive impact on people’s lives. Working at Rubix provides our employee’s with the confidence that it’s possible, and the journey is more exciting than ever imagined.


Working at Rubix M&E is not just a job; it’s a way of life, a journey within a close-knit family, and a shared mission to redefine the industry’s standards. The positive experiences, the teamwork, and the unwavering support from the team are what make each day a memorable and fulfilling step towards a brighter future with Rubix M&E.


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